Chase Carlton - NPC Oklahoma CompetitorI competed in the NPC Oklahoma 2020 Battle of the Bodies. This was the first bodybuilding show to be hosted in the United States since the initial lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic.
I’m extremely thankful for NPC Oklahoma’s willingness to kickstart the competition season again and am grateful to have been able to compete against so many other determined individuals that stuck with contest prep despite gym closures and food shortages.
The show went off without a hitch and I was taken back by how loud the crowd was – it felt like Friday night football! I was also thankful for all of the constructive criticism that I received from the judges – It can be difficult to receive feedback from the judging panel at the California shows.
I was fortunate enough to win the overall title in the men’s bodybuilding division and received an Excalibur sword – an awesome keepsake that is mounted on the wall in my gym in San Diego!
Chase Carlton

I had the privilege to compete at NPC Oklahoma Championship in two occasions, in 2015 when I got second place in the Master bodybuilding division, and in 2017, when I got second place in Master Classic Physique. Both experiences were absolutely fantastic, from the start to the end. The venue was great, the NPC Oklahoma staff was super friendly, and the NPC Oklahoma leadership was super organized. Eileen and her staff knows how to take care of the athletes, and they treat everyone with a great level of professionalism, regardless of the athlete’s background. That was the reason why I came back to compete again in 2017. If you want to have a great experience, make sure to step on NPC Oklahoma stage!

Yuri Diogenes
Instagram: @ydiogenes

Brunetta Orr, Bikini Athlete



The girls with Tease were so sweet.  They worked well under pressure and listened to my ideas of what I wanted done with my hair.  I showed them a picture and they did it.  They gave me options with my make up and it ended up looking fabulous.  My lashes came loose from one of my eyes due to the wind and they got me in early to fix it.  I would highly recommend these ladies!! They know how to make you feel and look beautiful!! 

– Brunetta Orr, Bikini Athlete


Cierra Evers, Figure ChampionThe ladies with Tease did my makeup for both competitions. These ladies were going non stop! Before the sun was up, these girls had competitors looking stage ready. They asked what my suit looked like and even asked for a picture. They were sure to match my make up accordingly and add any extra, SPARKLE, in my case that I wanted. They were so amazing! They definitely know how to make a tired competitor look rested and feel stunning.

-Cierra Evers, Figure Champion




Kyle Babcock, NPC bodybuilder I had the privilege of competing at the NPC showdown of champions last weekend. I couldn’t be happier with the results and the overall experience. I was fortunate enough to take home three 1st place wins for classic physique open, classic physique novice, and men’s bodybuilding novice.  The judges, the athletes, the faculty and staff were awesome to work with. I was beyond pleased with the overall atmosphere of the show. As competitors we work relentlessly and sacrifice to compete at our best. NPC Oklahoma allowed us to have a wonderful experience showcasing our hard work!  Huge shoutout and thanks to NPC Showdown of Champions for putting on a memorable show that I will never forget! 

-Kyle Babcock, NPC bodybuilder 


Armando VillegasWhat can I say about my years with NPC Oklahoma… Since 2013 Eileen Calabrese and the staff at NPC Oklahoma has been the epitome of professionalism…… NPC Oklahoma has been more then a great organization to compete in, from my first show to my most recent Eileen welcomed me with open arms as family! As NPCOK State Chair, she and the staff have taken care of any and all my needs and questions. They made all my experiences at NPCOK simple and stress free. Anyone who competes knows how much stress getting ready for a show is and when you compete in Oklahoma all you’ll ever need to focus on is your prep, anything else just ask you’ll be directed and helped as needed. 

So in a few simple words NPC Oklahoma is all about passion, professionalism, and love for the sport of fitness. Eileen and her staff know what it takes to help their athletes reach their truest potential and I couldnt be prouder to be a part of NPC Oklahoma. I have come a long way since 2013 and I look forward to a long lasting relationship with this organization. As a guy from small town Sayre, Oklahoma thinking no one knew who I was, but NPCOK recognized this small town guy with the 2018 NPCOK Spirit of Fitness award, what an honor! Eileen and NPC Oklahoma really do pay attention! this is an organization that cares! 

– Armando Villegas 
2018 showdown of champions,
open bodybuilding overall winner,
2018 Masters BB Overall, 2018 most muscular award, and the very humbled recipient of the 2018 Showdown of champions, Spirit of fitness award!

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