The Official NPC Oklahoma Professional Competition Hair & Makeup Artists

tease makeup and hair

TEASE, the official hair & makeup artists of the NPC Oklahoma uses top of the line products to produce flawless stage-perfect hair and makeup to command the attention you deserve! Included in the full stage makeup service is the application of eyelashes to achieve that extra dramatic look needed for stage and photos. Our licensed professional artists are experienced in stage perfect makeup application to carry you through your important competition day. TEASE will transform a competitor’s everyday look and enhance their natural beauty to achieve the glamour and beauty synonymous with NPC/IFBB competitions. Sit back and relax, let TEASE transform you into the sparkling Champion you are!

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The TEASE Hair package includes:
ONE stage perfect hair styling  and ONE 5 minute touch up for finals in the evening.

The TEASE Makeup package includes:
 ONE makeup application with lashes &  ONE 5 minute touch up for finals in the evening… it does NOT include an additional full application for Finals.

Any re-application other than the 5 minute included touch up in the evening will be priced accordingly. If you want your hair and/or makeup completely REDONE AT FINALS than you must buy an additional Hair or Makeup package.

Please come with clean hair, no product and no flat ironing done to it before your appointment.


  • Makeup: 125.00 (includes 5 min retouch at night lips /blush)
  • Mini Reapplication at Finals for pre-existing Athletes(15 mins): 40.00
  • Full reapplication at finals for: 100.00
  • Hair: 125.00 (Includes 5 min retouch at Finals)
  • Extensions (supplied by athlete): additional 50.00
  • Mini re-application at Finals for pre-existing customers (15 mins)- 40.00
  • Complete re-style at Finals: 100.00

Our TEASE Stage Perfect Hair and Make-up application has amazing long lasting results, so very few competitors will need the mini-restyle or mini reapplication…that is just an option for those that want to change up the look or drama of there eyes for finals or just want more contouring or reapplication of premium eye lashes in the evening for that extra edge of glamour. As long as you do not towel off your face or roll around taking a nap between Prejudging & Finals…the TEASE Stage Perfect Hair & Makeup you receive back stage in the morning will last right into the evening finals with just a quick re-touch (included in the price)…the mini- Hair Re-Styling or Mini Makeup-Reapplications or Full re-application and Full re-styling are merely options for those that want more options.

Welcome to the 2021 Show Season!

We are no longer accepting hair and make-up appointments. We will see you next year!