Tracee Kment – Athlete of the Month

Name: Tracee Kment
Hometown: Piedmont
Birthday: 09/02/1981
Marital Status: Married
Facebook: Tracee Richards Kment
Instagram: Polishedlady

Bio: I’m a 35-year-old mother to two amazing kids (Kylee 14 and Kreed 7) wife to my amazingly supportive husband J.W. and a small business owner. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah and relocated to Oklahoma four years ago for my husband’s job. Fairly new to the fitness world I only started going to the gym about three to half years ago. I quickly fell in love with everything FITNESS, The Gym, lifting weights, eating clean and Lulu Lemon. My life changed three years ago when we discovered my sons hearing loss. After multiple surgeries and countless doctors appointments the gym became my therapy. It’s what got me through the toughest time of my life. Fast forward three years…. I now have a happy, healthy seven-year-old son with Bilateral Cochlear Implants and I’m a national level bikini competitor. Life is good!!!

Favorite Exercise / Training Tip: I’m your typical Bikini Girl… I’m all about Glute/Leg Day! Lately I’ve been trying to build up my strength with heavy lunges, leg press and some resistance bands.

Favorite Recipe:
Overnight Oats
•1/3 C Almond/Cashew Milk
•1/2 C Oats
•1/3 C Greek Yougurt (optional)
•1/2 Banana
•Optional ingredients= Fruit,Nuts,Nutbutter,Spices,Protein Powder
Stir all ingredients together in a jar or container and refrigerate overnight.

Gym Pet Peeve: When people don’t clean up after themselves.

Favorite Cheat meal: Pie Pie and more Pie. Oh, and Cobbler

Favorite Quote: “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up” -Babe Ruth

Competition History:
Oklahoma championship 3rd Novice
Grand Prix 2nd Novice
All South Muscle 1st Novice 1st Open
Arkansas State 1st Novice 2nd Open Overall Novice Bikini Winner
Showdown of Champions 1st Open Overall Bikini Winner
Ultimite Bodybuilding Championship 1st Open 1st Masters Overall Bikini Winner
Multiple top 10 places at National Level Shows