Tommy Brown – Trainer of the Month

tommy brown photographed with his three sonsMarital Status: Single, father of 3 boys

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Home Gym: Steel Fitness

Bio: I have always lived a life of health and fitness, starting my career as a competitive athlete in the only sport that truly defines you, wrestling, at age 5. I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years, training people of all walks of life, from weekend warriors to MMA fighters, Division 1 Collegiate athletes, pro athletes, and our armed forces ranging from enlisted to special forces.

I spent over 10 years as a bodybuilder competing on the regional and national level stage.

Favorite Fitness Recipe:  Burritos made with eggs, 96% lean ground beef, wrapped with low carb tortillas and topped with salsa.

Expert tip to Athletes starting in our sport/industry: Hire a qualified trainer in your area who is familiar with the industry and will make sure you have a healthy and positive competition prep. If you can’t find anyone, call me.

Favorite Fitness Quote you Live By: Wasted time is lost forever.

Pro Training Tip: Tommy Brown – Training tip video