Terence Clark – Athlete of the Month

Date of Birth: 1/18/1992
Hometown: Eunice, La
Marital Status: So single that it’s hilarious
Instagram: @tclark_metafit

Pet Peeve in the Gym: People who refuse to share equipment, complainers, and body odor makes my weight floor atmosphere so uncomfortable.

Special Talent: If I wanted, I could become Americas next big star, as far as music goes. I sing better than most of the notable names today.

Favorite Cheat Meal: I spurge mostly on pizza, wine, and anything sweet.

Best Fitness Recipe: I don’t really have a recipe, but marinated meat for a minimum of 12 hours makes my meals so much better 🙂

Best Dieting Tip: For serious competitors, the prep diet is no joke. I expend a lot of energy during those 10-12 weeks and I’ve found that chromium makes me feel less lethargic. It’s blood sugar regulating properties are a life saver.

What Inspires You To Excel In Life And The Gym: My success in all things that I love are accomplished by passion and perseverance. If I don’t like it or I’m not interested, it won’t be executed.

Favorite Fitness Quote You Live By: They’re not necessarily fitness quotes. One of my favorites has always been Nike’s slogan “Just Do It”. Another is just a reminder to myself when I fail a challenge. I tell myself that the world will not stop turning because I stumbled, so get up and keep trying.

Most Important Thing / Person in your Life: My entire family is my foundation of love and support.

Contest Placement History:
2013 NPC Oklahoma Showdown of Champions Men’s Physique-dead last
2013 NPC Oklahoma Heartland Classic Men’s Physique-overall winner
2013 NPC Oklahoma Grand Prix Men’s Physique-overall winner
2014 NPC JR USA Championships-top 3 in class
2014 NPC Nationals Men’s Physique-bit the dust
2015 NPC JR USA Championships Men’s Physique-top 3 in class
2016 NPC JR USA Championships Classic Physique & Men’s Physique-3rd & 5th in classes
2016 NPC Nationals Classic Physique-11th in class