Scott Emerson – Athlete of the Month

scott emersonDate of Birth: April 3, 1986
Hometown: Collinsville
Marital Status: married

Bio: I grew up in Collinsville, OK. I knew after watching Jay Cutler win the Olympia that I wanted to be a body builder. I am currently a personal trainer under my brand 3bar Training. I’m a national qualified bodybuilder in the NPC. IFBB Pro Gina Davis is my trainer. She has done wonders with me. I have a beautiful wife and amazing daughter who make my day better. I have an older brother and sister. I have an awesome Corgi named Meshuggah. I have two badass training partners, Mike Patrick and James Schneider, that push me when I’m not getting destroyed by Gina. I train out of one the last real gyms in Tulsa, Physical Edge.

Pet Peeve in the Gym: People who seem to not re-rack their weight. Gym etiquette is dead

Special Talent: I’ve played drums in heavy metal bands since I was 16

Favorite Cheat Meal: During prep Hershey candy Cheesecake, offseason: Flemings.

Best Fitness Recipe: I don’t really eat for taste during prep but jeff Cooper showed me frozen casein protein pudding

Best Dieting Tip: To remind myself, is this 10 second of pleasure worth 2nd place. For cravings I usually drink water often and chew on soft ice (probably not good)

What Inspires You To Excel In Life And The Gym: My clients I train on a daily basis. They may not all be competitors but they show up and do things that is not comfortable. It definitely keeps me in check.

Favorite Fitness Quote You Live By: Shows are won in the offseason lost in the last 12 hours. “If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you”, “I’m a bodybuilder not a weightlifter”

Most Important Thing / Person in your Life: My wife for encouraging and sticking by me through this journey. She has to endure the worst of me sometimes and still pushes me when I feel defeated. My mother for believing in me and showing up to my shows when no one else did. My daughter Kymera who gave me an emotion that in thought i would never have. Last but not least Gina Davis she has put a drive and confidence in me that I’ve never had, she’s made me believe I can turn pro.

Contest Placement History:
2003 Ronnie Coleman classic teen 7th
2004 Mr Oklahoma teen 2nd
2005 Ronnie Coleman classic teen 3rd
2007 Mr Oklahoma open middle 3rd
2012 Mr Oklahoma open light heavy 2nd
2013 Mr Oklahoma open middle 1st & overall winner
2015 Grand Prix open heavy 1st, most muscular winner
2015 NPC Nationals heavy 11th