Nixon Chong – Athlete of the Month

nixon-chong-flexingDate of Birth: July 12 1973
Hometown: Malaysia
Facebook: Nixon Chong
Istagram: Nixon Chong

Bio: Married for 18 years to Jennifer with 3 children – Kelly 17, Kristy 15 , Kristopher 10. Self employed convenience store owner.

Gym Pet Peeve: people try to talk to me even though I had headphones on.
Special Talent: Ability to motivate others past what they capable off.
Favorite cheat meal: Sushi
Best Recipe: Shrimp salad. Bed of spinach with balsamic vinegeratte, mushrooms ,color bell peppers,broccoli microwave in zip LOC on second layer, grill colossus shrimp with onions on top level, little Sirachi sauce and hot mustard over everything plus tablespoon of olive oil and it’s ready to go!

Best diet tip: Preparation is the key to success for any diet. Prep your food as well as measure and weight your food.

My inspiration in life and in gym is be the best you can be in all aspects of life. Physically,mentally, spiritually and financially.

Quote to live by: You onnly got one life here might as well live and exist and leave a legacy.

Most important thing in my life is my relationship with Jesus.

Competitioon History

2009 4th Oklahoma middleweight open
2010 1st Oklahoma middleweight open
2011 1st Europa Super show middleweight open
2014 1st Oklahoma middleweight open
2nd USA championship middleweight
16 th Nationals . middleweight open
2016 1st lightheavy and overall Oklahoma championship.
2016 USA’s ??????