Marcus Wade – Trainer of the Month

Marcus Wade - NPC Oklahoma trainer of the monthName: Marcus Wade
Marital Status: married
Twitter: n/a
Website: n/a
Home Gym: The Weight Room

Pro Training Tip:

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Stop ego lifting! Control your tempo and focus on using timed eccentric/negatives, explosive concentric/positives and keep the targeted muscle under tension throughout the entire set!

Favorite Fitness Recipe:
7oz lean beef, 280g jasmine rice, 40g avocado, 1 whole omega 3 egg! Add taco sauce and
throw it in 2 wraps!!!

Expert tip to Athletes starting in our sport/industry:
You must have a purpose for wanting to do this. The lifestyle we live is very time consuming and strenuous. So knowing your why is a must! Your why must be strong enough to get you up at 5am to do fasted cardio on a calorie deficit. Your why must be strong enough to train through vigorous sessions again on low calories. Your why must push you to eat beyond comfort in the offseason and much more! From there be consistent! Do not be afraid to work or be searching for the easy way. Set the tempo
before you walk in the gym each day and do what it takes day in and day out to meet the goals you originally set for yourself!

Favorite Fitness Quote you Live By:
That which kills you minus one! “Howard Huddleston” my mentor and friend.

Short Bio & Competition History:
I have been working, living and competing in this industry since 2003. I grew up a very competitive wrestler and learned hard work and struggle was something I must have in my life to feel adequate. I love the commitment and process that comes with being a bodybuilder. I truly enjoy teaching these qualities to athletes I have the pleasure of working with. There is no greater reward than presenting your package after knowing you put every once of blood, sweat and tears into the preparation, other than watching someone you helped reach this goal do the same! I am a very loyal and honest person and I will continue to learn and improve my skills every chance I have to ensure I can give the most to my clients on their specific journeys!

Contest history
2006 Red River novice middle weight and over all winner/ open middle weight winner
2008 Oklahoman open middle weight winner
2010 Oklahoman open light heavyweight runner up
2015 Phil Heath Classic open light heavyweight runner up
2016 NPC Nationals Heavy weight 7th place