Jeff Cooper – NPC Oklahoma Athlete of the Month

jeff cooper npc oklahoma athleteDate Of Birth: 07/20/1981
Hometown: Skiatook, Ok
Marital Status: Married
Facebook: Jeff Cooper
Instagram: @coopdeveel

I’ve had a passion for lifting weights and pushing the limits of my body since the first time I set foot in a weight room the summer before I was in the 7th grade. After falling in love with the weight room my passion for lifting allowed me to play college football and get my education paid for. My first year of college I can remember my strength coach telling me if football didn’t workout he wanted me to get into body building. At that time I never entertained the thought because my focus was football and school. After college I began a career with AT&T. Shortly after being hired I was promoted to management. After being promoted I decided to pursue my Masters in Business Administration since AT&T was helping foot the bill. After two and a half years of night classes until 10:30pm after a full workday that started at 7am an countless hours writing papers in 2010 I received my MBA. It wasn’t until 2012 that I had a friend basically challenge me to do my first Body Building competition. It was the Oklahoma City Grand Prix National Qualifier. I ended up not only winning my novice class and the novice overall but I won the open Light Heavyweight class and the Open Overall. It was a very memorable night as I had made plans to ask my girlfriend to marry me later that night regardless of what happened. She said yes! Fast forward to 2015. I’ve now been married 2 years and with a new found focus and no distractions I’m making progress like never before. I have to credit my trainer @ginadavisifbbpro she knows my body better than I do. She brought me to nationals this year in the best shape of my life so far where I placed 3rd, missing my Pro Card by one spot. That has only motivated me more. I’m very excited to grow in the off season and bring an even better package in 2016. See you in Miami!

Pet Peeve In The Gym: Cell phones, people “hanging out”, unracked weights, lack of intensity.

Special Talent: Can play various types of the saxophone

Favorite Cheat Meal: Steak, sweet potato, peanut butter Oreos, tin roof sundae ice cream, vanilla bean cheesecake

What Inspires You To Excel In Life And The Gym: Knowing that anything can be accomplished if the effort is put forth.

Fitness Quote You Live By:
“It ain’t how hard you hit, it’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”
“Pain is temporary, pride is forever”
“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

Most Important Thing / Person In Your Life: My beautiful wife Kristi Cooper, family, friends

Oklahoma Grand Prix:
1st Novice Heavyweight
Novice Overall Winner
1st Open Light Heavyweight
Open Overall Winner

Ronnie Coleman Classic:
2nd Light Heavyweight

2nd Light Heavyweight

16th Light Heavyweight

3rd Heavyweight