Guy Ducasse – Trainer of the Month

guy ducaseMarital Status: Divorce
Facebook: IFBB Pro Guy Ducasse
Instagram: Ifbb_pro_guy_ducasse
Home Gym: Isola Bella Center / City Gym, Oklahoma City, OK

Pro Training Tip: Avoid injuries : By using strict and proper form during repetitions throughout your sets

Favorite Fitness Recipe: My weekly cheat meal

Lean red meat :  6oz Filet
Eggs : 6 Whites , 3 whole eggs Omega 3
Potato : 8 oz hash brown
Pancakes: 4 Harvest Grain nuts pancakes
Coffee : 3 cups Dark roasted blend

Expert tip to Athletes starting in our sport/industry:

1- First learn about the sport by investing in an Encyclopedia of fitness , which has everything from body types , nutrition, training tips etc .

2- know the three body types , find out about the type you are .

3- know Perfection takes times , work at your craft  however long it takes .

4- Be consistent and methodical about everything, attention to detail counts : training , sets ,reps , food, water , supplements, cardio and rest .

5-You have to have the 4 D’s  and the W. Drive, Desire, Determination, Discipline and the Will to do what it takes to become a Champion.

Favorite Fitness Quote you Live By: Train like a beast and remember Rome was not built overnight, it was built brick by brick over a long period of time.

Short Bio & Competition History:
In 1981 I started entering body contests and winning them almost every weekends the first five years of my competition career while playing soccer and training as boxer/Martial artist , Competing in every show that I could find. Whether it was on the beach, at cookouts , parks , talent shows  and auditoriums at 5’06”, 135 lbs .

As luck would have it I met a group of people who took me under their wings and got me on the road to achieving my IFBB Pro Card. Thomas Burke, now a Tulsa based trainer at The Grand, who is now my brother in law for the past 26 years , who then introduced me to his sister who is now  Eileen Burke Calabrese, the NPC Chairperson of NPC Oklahoma , who were there to watch another redhead by the name of Michael Calabrese a super striated freak ripped to shreds with veins all over his  body and even his face who became NPC Overall Mr. New Jersey that night .

Head judge John Kemper, then the Owner of Diamond Gym / NPC , IFBB chairman, who became my Mentor and father figure, Daddio, is what I called him . (R.I.P Daddio, I love you Man) . To make a long story short , I’ve completed about 47 weeks out of the year from 1981 to 1985 without losing a show.

January 31st 1985 I got the greatest gift a man can get and his name is Guy Marc DucasseJr and that  changed things as far it being just me , now I had to think differently and during that year In April of 1986 I lost my first show . I ran into a Lil statue of a guy by the name of David Wilson Jr at the Suburban bodybuilding Championship . Tom Burke,  drove me home while lighting a fire in my heart by telling me that Dave Wilson was the lightweight God and he hadn’t seen anyone come close to beating in five years . For five months I trained and ate like an animal and ate like an animal and in May of 1987 I won 1st place lightweight Mr New Jersey at 154 and then on to place 2nd at the NPC Junior Nationals in Niagara Falls , where Eddie Robinson won the overall.  I then went on to place 2nd at the 1987 Nationals that October which was held in Atlantic City NJ where Shawn Ray won the entire show and became an IFBB pro.Now the skinny ripped kid from Elizabeth NJ was the man to beat in the lightweight class .In 1988 I placed 2nd at the Jr USA in April and then 2nd at the USA in July in Las Vegas and also went on to place 4th at the Nationals the October.

In 1989 I started  prepping for the NPC USA”s , working a new job at Chubb life insurance and training clients in the evening after work . Twelve weeks out from the USA’s  while driving from my job to Diamond gym everything came to a screeching halt , my car was hit by a drunken driver who ran the red  light while I was getting onto a bridge . My car spun around about four times while hitting both sides of the walls that kept my car from flying off the bridge and next thing I remembered, I was being asked  by the EMS guy, “ Heyyyy big guy can you move your head , your fingers and your toes for me ?”  I said, “ Sure!”  It was I realized nothing was moving , I could move my bloody head but nothing else . I was taken to the hospital, twenty stitches under my right eyes , a neck brace on my neck, two missing front teeth , two swollen knees and came to find out that I would need arthroscopic knee surgery on my right knee due to a chip bone in  patella and torn ligament,  those things were least of my worries because I was still paralyzed. I laid in the hospital bed I kept praying to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for seven hours while watching everything flashing in front of my eyes . I dosed off and around 1am and I thought someone touched me and told me to wake up and go home, so I woke up but saw no one however I was able to move my limbs . I got off the bed, snuck out of the hospital and took a cab home . Went home got in the bed and set my alarm for 7am, got up, took the day off from work but went to Diamond gym and started training.Everyone was schocked to see me but my answer to them was, “ God made me mobile again because he has a plan for me but until I find out his plan for me I’m going to win the USA or die trying.’ So the next day was leg day and while doing leg extensions , I realized something was extremely wrong with my right knee because I was able to kick my leg forward but I wasn’t able to control it back down , I left the gym and straight to one of my clients who was an orthopedic surgeon, had an MRI  and two weeks later I had knee surgery and got my two front teeth replaced after that. Nevertheless I wasn’t able to compete that year but I traveled to Raleigh NC to watch two of my favorite people in the world became 1989 Mr&Ms USA Champions which were  Johnnie Morant and Lenda Murray !

Then came July 18th 1990 , Guy Marc Ducasse  middleweight USA champ and tied for the Overall at the only Drug tested USA ever and received an invite to become an IFBB Pro. I took the IFBB invite and also worked as a private bodyguard that year for Favor Unit,  Naughty by Nature , Apache, Queen Latifah , Ice Cube , Yoyo , D Nice , Ghetto Boys etc and working with Unipro supplements .

In 1991 I had my pro debut at The Night of Champions in NJ , where the Giant Killer Mohammed  Beneziza won and Dorian Yates place 2nd and I placed 8th and then went on to place 5th in Montreal Canada in my second pro show. In1992 I went back to the night of Champions where Dorian Yates won the show , I placed sixth and The Great Ronnie Coleman a new comer placed 16th . I kept getting told that I needed to be bigger but I did not think I could be bigger at 5’06”, 228 lbs off-season and 208 onstage without killing my self trying and since there were no other weight classes so I decided to retire in 1993 while hoping and praying the IFBB would incorporate a lighter  weight division that would enable guys around height and size to compete successfully.

From 1993-2007 during those 14 years of retirement I trained like a man possessed for two hours a day and ate like a savage beast by only eating lean protein and low glycemic carbs five times a day and then 13 years later on December 14 2006 I got the great news that the a IFBB would incorporate a 210 lbs class. I was excited, God is great because he once again answered my prayers like he has  always does by having this class but now I had to prove my self worthy of the opportunity. I trained like my life depended n it and the day of the show I walked in as an unknown older guy in the field of young guns like Silvio Samuel, Tricky Jackson and 41 other competitor. Although I felt out of place at first but as soon the judges started calling the shots, I felt right at home going from pose to pose and fighting my way through call out after call out , to my name being called in third place with Silvio winning and Tricky coming in second.

Last November 30th , 2015 I started the Francis Tuttle Culinary program of becoming a Chef and I’ve now completed the program as of March 1st 2017 and now waiting graduation on May 16th , 2017. In 2016 I chose not to enter any bodybuilding competitions because I wanted to focus  110% of my effort into becoming a Chef , but now since that is over with I will resume my competitive career as a bodybuilder sometimes soon and somewhere near you later this year .

Last but not least I could not have won trainer of the month without my clients that I’ve been training for years , I  know the bodybuilding world have seen most of my competitive clients over the years however I do have lots of clients from all walks of life who do compete  in every day life and in other sports and I do like to thank those clients for challenging me to become the best trainer I can be in order for them to achieve their fitness goals and a quality way of life at times since I’m an old school no nonsense type of trainer  who make things extremely uncomfortable in the gym for my clients , in other for them to be comfortable onstage and in life outside the gym.