Amanda Norman – Athlete of the Month

amanda norman and her familyDate of Birth: 4-18-1980
Hometown: Choctaw ok
Marital Status: married
36 years old and mother of 3, a 15 year old and twin 10 year olds. Been married to Shawn Norman for 14 years. In the end of 2012 suffered a shoulder injury that ended my tennis playing love and after rehab had to find a new journey. In August of 2013 I opened up a 900 sq foot facility called Next Step personal training and started training for the Heartland Classic. While training I also went back to school and completed a bachelors from UCO in kinesiology. Being a crazy busy mom and wife of a very active household I had to make things work. Sometimes this involved 4am cardio and random lifting times but I did what worked so I didn’t interfere with my husbands or kids lives the best I could. After my first show in 2013 I had caught the ‘bug’ and wanted more. Followed that up with 2014 battle of bodies and the Oklahoma in which I won my classes at the Oklahoma. In February of 2015 I moved next step to a 12000 sq ft facility and opened the gym full time . In 2015 I teamed up with trainer Michael Fulson. Suffering some digestive issues and another major shoulder surgery the end of August 2015 I did not compete the entire year. Immobile till almost January 2016 I had to come up with a plan, still training with Michael we decided to try to push towards April and the UBC but wanted to listen to my body and see what it would allow. Well hard work, 4am cardio, great family and friends all paid off. Winning both my classes at the inaugural UBC. The remainder of 2016 is focusing on rehabbing my body, my family, time with friends and representing my sponsors TTHU and complete nutrition.

Pet Peeve in the Gym: People who don’t rack their weights and also people who judge others. We all have a story, all started somewhere and all were fearful of the first step…

Special Talent: supermom… Is that an option? I balance life of 3 kids, husband and gym owner/trainer.

Favorite Cheat Meal: Currently burger is my favorite! This use to be Italian or pizza but nothing can beat a big juicy mushroom and Swiss burger.

Best Fitness Recipe:
3 egg whites
Scoop of protein powder
Baking powder teaspoon
Almond extract
Splash of water
Stir till fluffy and pour in waffle iron

Best Dieting Tip: Be prepared. If you are prepared then there is no excuse as to why you can or cannot do something. Plan ahead. Even if you think you will be gone for an hour pack your next meal, never know when something is going to come up and as long as you have your next meal or are one step ahead there is no excuse for failure.

What Inspires You To Excel In Life And The Gym: My kids and clients. They see the dedication, the sacrifices, the 3:30am cardio sessions, the 5 min naps here and there, the food, the mood swings but through it all they push me to want and achieve more. I remember right before the UBC I walked into my gym covered in motivational signs and sayings from one of my clients/members. That pushed me through the last week when I just wanted to sleep. To know that I inspire someone makes me want more, what my clients, kids and family don’t get though is they inspire me, they make me want to get better and improve daily.

Favorite Fitness Quote You Live By: Remember why you started

Most Important Thing / Person in your Life: My family. I know sounds so original huh? Being a competitor I feel my family is the one who goes through the most. They see me at my highest and lowest points and sometimes it’s not easy (no matter how much I swear it is). Many times they have the choice they can turn their backs and run but they chose to pick me up and keep pushing me to finish and continue.

Contest Placement History:
2013 Heartland, 3rd novice bikini
2014 Battle of the bodies, 4th place novice and open bikini
2014 Oklahoma, open and novice bikini class C champion
2016 UBC, open class B and masters bikini champion